Kevin is currently a Ph.D. Candidate (ABD) from the University at Albany, SUNY. He has appointments as a Lecturer for the Summer and Winter terms and a Graduate Teaching Assistant during the Fall and Spring terms.


Prior to his tenure, he started as a researcher and data analyst for IBM. He then pursued teaching in higher education and funded research projects for his graduate studies. He also holds technical and academic certifications from Microsoft, IBM, Cisco Systems, SAP, and Oracle.

Image by James Harrison



Fake news, misinformation, disinformation

I explore eclectic domains that intersect with fake news including but not limited to technology, psychology, communication, and politics

2019 - Present

University at Albany, SUNY

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information Science

Polarization and conflicts in social networks

I seek to understand the theories, forms, and factors surrounding social network conflicts including but not limited to cyber-insurgency, digital crimes and terrorism, and virtual warfare

Information assurance and quality

I aim to solve societal problems by applying technological models and solutions such as fair machine learning and open data initiatives

2015 - 2017

De La Salle University

*Master of Science (MSc) in Information Technology

2009 - 2013

University of Santo Tomas

*Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Information Technology

*=With Honors and Distinction